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Jazz Washington

“I auditioned for IAF because I was looking for a challenge and to me IAF was just that. I had never really worked with dancing in front of cameras and making sure the movements were able to be read on the screen so when I saw that that was the focus of IAF, I knew tat this was a perfect fit for me and my craft!”

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Andrea Dobbins

“I auditioned for IAF because I was looking for opportunities to perform and train consistently with a group of dancers like-minded. From seeing the IAMFORCE brand through media, it was always something that I wanted to be a part of, and to expand upon.”

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Robbie Blue

“I auditioned for IAF because the company has the opportunity to do so many amazing things and being new to LA I wanted to have a home base and family.”

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Riley Roberts

“I auditioned for IAF company because I love Chehon’s artistic integrity that he brings to each project! I wanted to be a part of something that I could find my own artistic voice in, as well as being mentored by a community that promotes creative habits and thinking”

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Emily Rodriguez

“I auditioned for IAF because it presented as a great opportunity to expand myself as a dancer through great training and new experiences unlike any other. The intention behind the space Chehon has created is inspiring and is a safe space to grow and I was excited to do so alongside other dancers.”

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Dustin Wolf

“I auditioned for the IAF company because I love the sense of community that is formed when you dance with a specific group of people. Dance on camera is also a passion of mine and I feel it can be quite powerful when done with pure intention. Chehon, I believe, has these intentions which is why I wanted to be a part of this venture.”

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Maisy Dunne

“I auditioned for the IAF company to adventure into a new style of training with Chehon.”

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Megan Goldstein

“I auditioned for IAF dance company because I wanted to be a part of something that I know is going to be truly special! I’m excited to be one of the first dancers in the company and to help it grow! I can’t wait to start creating with these amazing people!”

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Matthew Kubitz

“I auditioned for the IAF company because it’s unique in its emphasis with on-camera driven projects.”

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Shelby Patterson

“Every time I go to the Compound to take class I always feel so inspired and loved. There’s such positive energy in this space and the people that are involved with IAF. I feel like I’m at home and that’s such an amazing feeling. I knew I wanted to be a part of the company so I could continue to train and grow as a professional dancer in a safe and creative environment.”

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Ashlynn Chong

“I auditioned for the company because I really love IAFs purpose and how it joins dance with film and photography. I like what the company’s about and I’m so happy to be surrounded by this group of creative and talented people.”